Dave Skillz (David Boyd) was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised on the Northside of Atlanta. He began writing music at the age of 13. As Skillz practiced perfecting his craft he learned the importance of using original instrumentals. Producers were pricing beats that weren’t in his budget, so at the age of 16 Skillz started making his own beats. During this period Skillz was also working two jobs to pay for studio time. At 22, he joined the U.S. Navy, and while serving he saved enough money to buy and build his own home studio. Skillz began to record his self with a professional sound quality, which helped him, stand out from local competition.

 In 2014 Dave Skillz has partnered with long-time friend Corey Cooper to form their independent music label Infamous Sound Music Line. In 2015 Skillz attended the Art Institute of Los Angeles for audio engineering.

In 2016 he released his project MULA (Money Under Loyalty Always) which features single Boyz Wit Da Bank produced by Atlanta producer DJ Plugg that garnished him tons of attention from DJs.

 He moved back to Atlanta in 2017 and attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to finish out his bachelor’s degree for audio engineering. During this time he connected with Atlanta’s very own TampaMystic, who is the CEO of Mystic Entertainment and The Grynd Report Media Group.

 He soon re-released his song Runnin’ Loose produced by Atlanta super producers Nard & B that gained him more notoriety through Atlanta’s local music scene.

In Late 2018 the debut album Juicin Thru The City was released. Dave Skillz album Juicin Thru The City obtained over one million streams. The album was assisted with several visuals for songs Runnin Loose, City Night, Moonlight, Narley Marley, I Been Ona, and Gas In The Air.

Performances came to a halt when the spread of the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic occured. During this time Skillz used it to dabble with new sounds and elevate his juicin music sound. The start of 2021 Skillz releases 5 Nights Of Juicin and EP that consisted of 5 tracks. Skillz from there and released singles every month. He soon collaborated with Memphis artist White $osa.

Since then hes been seen in major publications like the 2022 XXL freshman magazine, The Source, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, The Hype Magazine, Industries Most Wanted, Kazi Magazine. Skillz also took on some acting in 2022 as he plays a role alongside Jamal Woolard in the movie “Out On A Lim”. In February 2022 Skillz release the Slick Juicin 2 EP fully produced by label mate producer Coop Muzik. The #2 track from the EP “Gettin Bizzy” received highly rated attention so Skillz delivered a music video for the juicin vibe track.